Seren Fach Private Day NurseyEffective Learning

Children learn most effectively when they are happy and having fun. Here at Seren Fach all learning takes place through fun based activities. Each child is valued as an individual with different needs, abilities and potential, in an environment where they feel comfortable, secure and confident.

Clearly different ages work towards different goals and these age groups are loosely grouped as under three’s (birth to three matters) and over three‘s (the foundation stage.)

Under Three’s

Seren Fach operates within the birth to three matters framework which recognises that all children have from birth, a need to develop, learning through interaction with people and exploration of the world around them.

The framework identifies that babies are social beings, they are competent learners from birth and learn more by doing rather than being told.

Seren Fach Private Day Nursey

Over Three’s

From the toddler stage onwards we work within the foundation stage guidelines.

The children learn through both planned and child-led activities that cover the six desirable outcomes for children’s learning.
These are:-

  • Creative development